Made in China - Conversations with Zhang Yueran

Made in China presents one of China’s most exciting up-and-coming young writers in conversation with a fellow Belgian author on literature and life in a globalised world.

Introduction to Chinese literature

Prof. dr. Bart Dessein (UGent) gives us a lively insight on Chinese contemporary literature from the 80s till today.

Interview with Zhang Yueran by Veerle de Vos

Zhang Yueran talks about her literary work and life as a writer in Beijing with Veerle de Vos. Her novel 茧 Cocoon has recently (2023) been translated into Dutch by Annelous Stiggelbout and published by Prometheus as De spijker and was very well received in Belgium & The Netherlands.

Zhang Yueran in Conversation with Hind Eljadid

The conversation is led by Veerle de Vos and they will talk about their work and life, as women and mothers. They will also talk about what literature means to both writers: is it a necessity? Is there a need to be socially critical? Is there common ground between the writers? Memories and past events determine the future of characters in Zhangs De spijker, but also in Hind Eljadid's Kruimeldief.

Language: English and Chinese.

Zhang Yueran2
06 mrt. 2024
Made in China & Ghent University
Aula Ugent
Voldersstraat 9, Gent